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What we do

We integrate Google Workspace, ensuring seamless collaboration and communication, thus optimizing productivity and efficiency. By integrating with Google Workspace, we can revolutionize processes and create a sustainable future that propels the industry into a new era of innovation and excellence.

Leverage the capabilities of the Apps Script platform in the cloud to enhance the seamless integration of your Google Workspace suite with applications including Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and Google Sites.

Google Apps Script and App Sheet

Apps Script:

Apps Script is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with Google Workspace.
Google Apps Script serves as a swift application development platform, facilitating the rapid creation of business applications seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace. Utilizing modern JavaScript, developers gain access to built-in libraries tailored for popular Google Workspace applications such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive. With no installation required, developers benefit from a built-in code editor accessible directly within their browser, while scripts execute on Google’s servers for enhanced efficiency and reliability.


AppSheet offers a no-code development platform designed to create application software effortlessly. Users can develop mobile, tablet, and web applications using various data sources such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365, and other cloud-based spreadsheet and database platforms. The platform accommodates a wide range of business use cases including project management, customer relationship management, field inspections, and personalized reporting.

Google Workspace, previously known as G-Suite, is a better remote work tool that intelligently connects individuals with the content and projects necessary to optimize time utilization and productivity for better workplace results, Such platform makes business a place to work around and be a champion.

Google Workspace Consulting

Google Workspace seamlessly integrates essential work elements such as chat, email, voice and video calling, document collaboration, and task management. It offers the flexibility to keep the workspace private within your Google Workspace domain on the secure Google Cloud environment, transforming work with a fully integrated suite of cloud-native applications.

  • Email suite includes Gmail, Google Calendar, and 10 other core products for comprehensive email management.
  • Conduct secure video meetings using Google Meet.
  • Enable direct messaging and group chat with threaded conversations via Google Chat.
  • Access all your content easily through Google Drive.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with modern tools such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, and Sites.
  • Engage employees through Google Currents, a private social networking platform designed for internal communication and connectivity.

We assist organizations in transitioning from outdated mailing systems to a robust, collaborative, productive, and modern mailing suite with Google Workspace.

Emigrate to Google Workspace

With our proficiency, we ensure a smooth and efficient transition, allowing organizations to take advantage of the collaborative and innovative features of Google Workspace without any interruptions. Our Cloud Engineering team specializes in end-to-end deployment and migration services for various legacy mailing solutions, including Lotus Notes, On-Prem-Zimbra, and M365, transitioning them to Google Workspace in a phased approach. Let our team take care of all your deployment and migration needs, enabling your organization to thrive in the cloud era with Google Workspace.

Google Workspace for Education is a complimentary suite of communication and collaboration tools, featuring Gmail, Classroom, Docs, Drive, and more, tailored specifically for educational purposes.

Google for Education

Google Classroom provides educators with a convenient platform to create, grade, and collect assignments, while also providing students with instant access to rich feedback. Chromebooks offer various form factors, including classroom-ready tablets and clamshell or convertible devices, tailored to meet the specific needs of each classroom. With the Chrome Education Upgrade, educators can unlock the full capabilities of Chrome OS.

*Consult Google Education partner to know more about this

The use of Chromebooks, which are equipped with cutting-edge features, makes it possible for users to operate smarter, faster, and more securely. Users are able to work seamlessly with their favorite apps anytime and anywhere with an all-new operating system and all-day battery life.

Google Chrome Enterprise

  • Effortless Security: Chromebooks boast inherent security features, eliminating the need for antivirus software and providing peace of mind against threats.
  • Seamless Operation: Chrome OS is engineered to minimize downtime, ensuring uninterrupted workflow for workers, thereby maximizing productivity.
  • Rapid Startup: With devices booting in under 6.9 seconds and waking from standby mode in under 6 seconds, Chromebooks offer swift access to tasks and applications.
  • Sustained Performance: Background OS updates, manageable by users, occur every 6 weeks, preserving device speed and stability without disrupting operations.
  • Unified Experience: Chrome syncs apps, policies, and preferences across devices, ensuring seamless transitions for workers and facilitating uninterrupted productivity.
  • Scalable Control: Manage user permissions effortlessly at scale through Chrome policies, streamlining fleet management and ensuring optimal compliance with data privacy regulations.

Experience the world’s most secure and fastest DNS solutions tailored for your business needs. Customize your domain with up to 100 sub-domains, offering a simplified user experience and robust domain management tools for seamless control and optimization.

DNS & Web Hosting Services

Managing your domain across platforms like Google, GoDaddy, Big-Rock, and Wix provides a range of options for unique business names and domain extensions:

  • .in – represents India’s domain extension, suitable for businesses targeting the Indian market.
  • .org – Designed for private, nonprofit organizations, or institutions focused on social causes or community welfare.
  • .net – commonly preferred by Internet service providers and tech-oriented entities, showcasing networking or service-oriented ventures.
  • .com – s widely recognized as the domain extension for commercial enterprises, offering a global presence and credibility for businesses of all sizes.

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of marketing activities conducted through various digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and other internet-enabled devices.

Digital Marketing

Businesses are increasingly embracing digital transformation by leveraging strategies such as SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing), email marketing, and keyword-based search to connect with both existing and potential clients.

  • Google Adsense
  • Facebook ads
  • Linkedin ads
  • Google Analytics

About WebVeer

With a motto of “ Client First “ WebVeer creates a 360-degree business value for the customer by delivering high-quality solutions at competitive prices. With a deeply embedded habit of providing the “ Best Customer Experience “, WebVeer has delivered solutions across the cloud spectrum. Having an army of highly experienced and talented Google Cloud consultants, WebVeer assures peace of mind to the clients.
The cloud serves as a crucial stepping stone in the journey towards comprehensive digital transformation, revolutionizing the way we do business. Through relentless innovation, integrity, and commitment to excellence, WebVeer aims to exceed expectations and deliver tangible value to our customers.






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