Success Stories

  • Simpolo – Efficient Business Collaboration with Google Workspace

    25 June 2022

    India’s one of the largest manufacturers of vitrified tiles and a leading new age tiling solutions provider in the ceramic industry wanted to improve its collaboration and communication among the business users and reduce the cycle time in the business decision making process. WebVeer Automation and Service Pvt. Ltd. was instrumental in achieving this goal. How was this accomplished?

  • Nexion Tiles – Empowering employees with Google Workspace

    20 Sept 2022

    Often it is challenging to find a cloud partner to determine a good match who can help an organization to meet its business goal. Nexion reached out to Webveer to digitize and improve its Communication and Collaboration processes. Webveer helped Nexion in removing the bottlenecks in its Collaboration and Communication processes making the business to improve its productivity and efficiency.

  • Ameliorate Digital Consultancy Private Limited: Lean and Productive Business Processes with Google Workspace

    20 Sept 2022

    For a business to become Lean it has to focus on minimizing the waste in its processes eventually leading to maximizing the value to the customer. Ameliorate Digital Consultancy, an escalating lead generation company which also provides quality market research reports, wanted to become a Lean organization. Webveer helped Ameliorate to achieve this goal by implementing Google Workspace, making its Collaboration and Communication processes lean and productive.